Beyond the Ten

Post Tenth Session Rolfing

Many individuals ask, what happens after the tenth session of Rolfing?  Generally, each individual has some primary areas of difficulty for a Rolf practitioner to bring into alignment. Post tenth sessions or “tone-up” sessions will look at these difficult spots.  Typically, these sessions occur a year or more post completion of the Rolf series and are usually configured into a “Mini Four Series”.

Mini Four Series

The ten series of Rolfing can be grouped into three basic foci. The first group, sessions one through three, looks to open the body superficially and discover the core issue.  The second group, sessions four through seven, looks to work with the “core” issue itself and create a viable change.  The third and last group, sessions eight through ten, develops integration and commences closure to the work.  With these three foci the “Mini Four Series” is made.  Generally, one would imagine that only three sessions are needed to cover each foci.  However, most individuals need more then one “core” and or “integration” session.

Can I Continually Receive Rolfing?

The answer is both yes and no.  “Yes”, if you have a practice or job that creates tensions, which shift your structure into imbalance. “No”, if your structure is continually improving because of your movement practice or improved responses to life’s events.  To explain, Rolfing is offered in moderation because it looks to create growth and not to only fix you up.  Rolfing is analogous to making bread.  You should not knead the bread too much.  After kneading, you leave it alone to rise and then bake it.  If you work it too much, the bread does not rise well and comes out of the oven stiff.  Rolfing is a balance of proportion and repetition; a little Rolfing can go along way.


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