Lorenz’s Personal Training is a Functional Wellness based practice. The practice as two main purposes:

  • 1. To assist the client in maintaining and or improving their structural integration after their Rolfing Series.
  • 2. To inspire the client to study a movement practice that fits their personal profile.  Movement Studies can offer introductory techniques and skills in numerous disciplines that Lorenz has studied:  Personal Training, Pilates, Martial Arts, Tango and several disciplines of Yoga.

Initially, Lorenz’s Movement Studies offer a blend of elements from varying modalities. For example, Lorenz may personalize a program for the client that involves elements and techniques from his study in Iyangar Yoga, however this must not be confused with truly studying Iyangar Yoga.  Lorenz offers a foundational approach to movement highly appropriate and useful for the novice practitioner.  Once this foundation is achieved, Lorenz highly recommends seeking the instruction of a “Lineage Teacher.”*

In either purpose, clients learn what supports and creates potency in their structural integration.  Ideally, meetings with Lorenz can be made once every two weeks. It is best to bring a video recording device to your session as you are required to practice independently. Typically, clients should practice a minimum of three times per week for two weeks before their next meeting.
*Note: A Lineage Teacher is a practitioner who, upon years of mentorship, has been confirmed by his or her master instructor as a proficient teacher within their field.

Why Study with a Lineage Teacher?  Through consistent practice and mentorship a “Lineage Teacher” has developed the internal reference to safely and accurately convey material and has been confirmed in fully understanding the concepts and systems in creating an integrated class and series of classes. Certifications do not complete the Lineage Process but are only the first stages towards “Acknowledgement.”  Simply, in today’s world many certifications are too easy to obtain and do not require a Lineage Process which greatly reduces the quality of instruction one can receive.